UGREEN’s next-gen NAS devices powered by Intel and AI

CES is officially over but we’ll still have some news for you over the coming days as we sift through the hundreds of emails and new products. At CES, UGREEN announced a new collaboration with Intel and unveiled its new UGREEN NASync Network Attached Storage (NAS) devices, empowered by AI.

The company states that by being empowered by Intel® processors, the new product lineup comes with storage efficiency and automated smart decision-making ability. With AI becoming more integrated into daily life, UGREEN and Intel are collaborating on even more easy-to-use features, making daily work and life more convenient.

“With technology shifting more and more towards AI integration and related capabilities, we made the conscious decision to collaborate with a well-known, experienced institution to integrate these functions into our upcoming products,” says UGREEN general manager Evan Li. “We hope to introduce more customers to mere fractions of smart AI capabilities with the release of our NASync devices.”

Some collaborative efforts between UGREEN and Intel for the NASync NAS devices include 8K video output, AI model computing power maximization, and AI model applications. There are six different models in total. For entry-level users, there are 2- and 4-bay options, with 6- and 8-bay options for heavy users and small businesses, and an all-flash advanced storage solution for those wanting to maximize speed.

Check out the full specifications of the UGREEN NASync Network Attached Storage devices in the chart below:

UGREEN NASync Network Attached Storage (NAS) devices specifications
UGREEN NASync Network Attached Storage (NAS) devices specifications.