The iFi Audio GO Bar Kensei is the world’s first ultraportable DAC with K2HD tech

iFi Audio, a maker of high-fidelity audio components, has announced its latest innovation: the GO Bar Kensei. Merging artistry and Japanese swordsmanship with cutting-edge audio technology, the GO Bar Kensei is the world’s first ultraportable DAC with K2HD technology to bring listeners closer to the original recordings of their favorite music.

At the heart of the iFi GO Bar Kensei lies the revolutionary K2HD Technology, a hallmark of audio perfection. Developed by JVCKENWOOD’s sound engineers, K2HD Technology works to restore music to the same quality as the original master, reviving it with the rich, natural harmonics lost during digitalization. This advanced processing, coupled with the GO Bar Kensei’s dedication to perfection, ensures that every note resonates with depth and clarity. Here’s what the rest of the press release had to say.

iFi Audio GO Bar Kensei

The iFi Audio GO Bar Kensei is the world's first ultraportable DAC with K2HD tech

Enhanced Circuitry & Connections

The GO Bar Kensei offers a tailored, personal experience for the listener thanks to four digital filter options as well as XBass+ and XSpace options to create a more accurate bass response and spacious sound field. An enhanced power and clock circuitry produces a wider soundstage, more detail and a more robust bass to appease the pickiest of audiophiles.

Equipped with a 4.4mm balanced output, a symmetrical twin-mono output stage, and a formidable 477mW maximum output power, the GO Bar Kensei delivers audio performance that exceeds expectations. Additionally, iEMatch fine-tunes the output levels for sensitive IEMs while Turbo Mode adds 6dB for hungrier headphones.

Design steeped in Japanese history

Crafted from Japanese Stainless Steel for maximum rigidity, the GO Bar Kensei draws upon inspiration from the craftsmanship of a Kensei’s legendary blade. With meticulous attention to detail, each component of this ultraportable DAC embodies the essence of excellence, delivering music in its purest form.

Key Features

  • World’s first ultraportable DAC with K2HD Technology
  • Four digital filters: Bit-Perfect, GTO, Standard, and Minimum Phase
  • Two expert analogue processing modes: XBass+ for accurate bass response and XSpace for a spacious sound field
  • Enhanced clock and power supply circuitry
  • Up to 477mW of continuous power
  • Various output modes tailored for high sensitivity headphones/IEMs
  • Crafted from Japanese Stainless Steel

Pricing and Availability

The GO Bar Kensei is available to purchase starting March 19, 2024, from select retailers for $449. Click the button below to find out more on the company’s website about this and other products.