Top Secrets About the Upcoming Latest Gadgets

As one of the most popular latest gadgets in the digital market, it is reported that iPhone 5 will appear on the market soon. Here are some top secrets about iPhone 5 that all the iPhone fans should know.

1. It is not Verizon iPhone and vice versa

The news has confirmed that Verizon iPhone is not iPhone 5. Wall Street Journal said Verizon iPhone will appear on market in Oct. and it is similar with iPhone 4 from AT&T, but they adopt different wireless technology.

2. The overall patterns of it and iPhone 4 are different

Wall Street Journal revealed that the model of iPhone 5 from apple is different with all the formal iPhone latest gadgets. It is unknown that when it will be allowed selling by Version or other operators.

3. Its configuration will get evolutionary instead of transformative changes

iPhone 5’s configuration will adopt new aerial, 1.2GHz processor and bigger screen of 3.7 inch instead of 3.5 inch. iPhone 5 will also adopt new materials. What’s more, it is said that it will use more nuclear design to extend battery’s lifespan and latest gadgets capability, keep the technology up with latest technology of the phone field. The image quality of iPhone 5 will improve a lot. It can get true-color 1080p with the performance of dual-core GPU.

4. It will provide digital wallet

It is said that iPhone 5G adopts NFC technology to change it to debit card or credit card with other forms. However, apple has focused NFC before, it is unsure it will take this technology this time.
Pay phone: apple display how iPhone 5 works as credit card with NFC technology.

5. It will debut in summer

The formal iPhone from apple have debuted in late June or early July, we hope to see iPhone 5 at the same time this year. However, apple group can not pay same attention on iPhone 5 and iPad 2. Too more effort must be paid to ensure its meeting on time.

6. Maybe it will debut earlier than before

iLounge said in the past that apple will debut iPhone 5 at the end of Jan. 2011 for the problem of iPhone 4’s aerial. Engadget also said apple will appear on market in July. Most probably, it will debut on the formal schedule.

7. It may support LTE

More than one professor said that iPhone 5 will support phone broadband LTE in America, which may makes iPhone 5 become a 4G phone. AT&T plan to launch its LTE service in 2011, but iPhone of LTE doesn’t have information.

8. The price of it will not change

If it is one kind of evolutionary latest gadgets just like iPhone 3G to iPhone 3GS, the price should be almost the same with the present price.