Steps to Increase Replacement Laptop Computer Battery Lifespan

Many times you wonder why your replacement laptop computer battery dies so quickly and if there are any precautions you can take to avoid this problem. If you care for and maintain your batteries properly, you can easily extend the lives of your laptop computer replacement batteries. It can be frustrating when you purchase a replacement battery for your laptop and after a few months the battery life has significantly declined. This is not what you want to happen. Below are some simple steps that can be taken to ensure that your battery lasts for its maximum potential.

If you constantly remove your replacement battery from the laptop and store it away it can ultimately become soiled, and no longer functional at peak capabilities. To alleviate the problem of a soiled battery, take a cotton swab and Isopropyl alcohol to rub down the laptop battery. When cleaning the metal connectors be sure to always use a dry cloth. While cleaning the contacts you should use the Isopropyl alcohol. This will properly clean your replacement laptop battery. Having clean contacts helps maintain a good connection between your battery and notebook computer. The optimal place to store your laptop battery is in a cool, dry place that is away from excessive heat. Make it a point to keep the laptop battery away from any form of extreme heat. Heat is a batteries enemy, so avoiding heat is very advantageous to your batteries lifespan. Also make sure that the battery is not near any metallic objects that can disrupt the batteries charge. It is not uncommon for Lithium-Ion batteries to discharge after extended periods of being stored.

It is a good idea to exercise any replacement laptop batteries at least once every two to three weeks. Exercising a laptop computer battery means using the battery and not leaving it dormant for extended periods of time. If the laptop battery is not used for extended periods of time it is highly recommended to exercise it in-between down times. This will prevent significant battery capacity loss. By following this simple step your laptop battery will be able to store more of a charge than if otherwise left alone. If you do not use the laptop battery frequently then you should exercise it before attempting to use it regularly.

If you are using an AC Adapter to power your computer then it is advisable to remove the good battery from your notebook and replace it with an old, short run-time battery. This is a good practice as the battery in the laptop will continuously be charged and discharged rendering the battery life shorter than ever expected. Excessive charging and recharging of batteries drastically shortens battery life. Thus, it is a good idea to remove that brand new battery from your laptop when it is being powered through the AC Adapter.

Utilizing your laptops power management features prior to use can extend the life of your battery.

Defragmenting your laptop is beneficial to your computers performance along with its battery life. Having a clean, defragmented notebook ensures that the laptop will run in an efficient manner. Having a laptop computer run efficiently will increase the batteries life span, by not draining it trying to reach programs. All these simple tips can ensure that your replacement laptop computer battery will have an extended lifespan.