Engineering Jobs in Oil & Gas

Oil & Gas Jobs

Environmental engineers are used extensively in the oil and gas industry. There are numerous types of engineering positions in the oil and gas industry. Some of the job classifications are geologists, drilling engineers, marine seismic data acquisition & processing consultants, field engineer, shale business development managers, sub sea maintenance managers, fluid engineering managers, senior rotating equipment engineers and instrument technicians. These are the main types of oil and gas jobs .

Environmental engineers are responsible for all issues specifically related to environmental safety. There are certain procedures and regulations that must be followed to ensure the safety of the environment. This is especially relevant to the oil and gas industry because, as recent events have shown, any oil or gas spill can cause irreparable damage to the environment and wildlife.

There are many different aspects to being an environmental engineer. It requires a lot of formal education and practical experience to become an expert in this field. Many of the jobs in oil and gas  require a specific education or extensive experience in a particular job classification. Even though the requirements can be rigorous the rewards can be significant as well.