Responsibilities and Requirements of Database Administrator Jobs

The IT industry is progressing by leaps and bounds and so is the requirement for professionals related to this field. Data administrator jobs are becoming more common in small as well as large organizations that store their data electronically.

Although the specific role of a Database Administrator may vary from one organization to another, some of the common duties include:

• Evaluating the needs of a business and setting up the database• Building the database and automated reporting system• Ensuring smooth running of the system and taking care of any lapses and problems• Setting up sharing of the data recorded in the database• Providing support for the staff• Recommending new technologies to update the database system• Determining the level of access for each department• Customizing the information to meet specific demands of different departments

Depending on the structure of the company, some of these roles may be similar to that performed by Database managers, Database designers and Developers. These professionals are also required to interact with other staffs such as Network administrators and technicians who assist them in setting up and running the database. The role largely depends on how big the company is and whether the Database administrators have to develop the database or maintain an existing one.

A graduate program in Computer Science can help an individual attain this position. Some companies may also require these individuals to have the knowhow and certification in a particular database program. If you are interested in this career path, start by first finding out about the current softwares and languages that are used in businesses and companies. It is also possible to transition to this position from other positions such as System Administrators and Network Administrators.

Although this job is lucrative and has great potential for growth, it may require the professional to work odd shifts and even on weekends. One main advantage of this position is that as the work is largely connected to the computer and the internet, these professionals have the option of working from home.

The current salary for this position ranges from $ 60000 to over $ 100,000, professionals who hold Masters Degree or MBA in this field can procure even higher salaries and positions in the company. It is predicted that in the coming years, there will be an increase in the number of Database Administrator jobs. If you are planning a career in the IT field, preparing for this position is a good way to secure a job in this field.