Kanto Audio announces its ORA4 high-performance desktop speakers

We have reviewed a couple of offerings from Kanto Audio and we have always been impressed with the company’s work. Now, CES 2024 has arrived and hot off the company’s ORA desktop speaker launch, they have announced the new ORA4. If the ORA4 are as good as the ORA, then these speakers will be hot property.

The Kanto Audio ORA4 features Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity, Analog Line-in, and a USB-C input that supports audio up to 24-bit/96kHz. The USB Type-C port allows users to connect a host of audio sources to the ORA4 including iPhone 15, Android devices, Digital Audio Players, PC, Mac, and more.

A powerful desktop speaker — ideal for listening to music, gaming, or for use as a home or remote recording studio monitor — the new ORA4 features separate Class D amplifiers for the woofers/tweeters, delivering a dynamic audio presentation with a smooth, accurate frequency response. ​

The Kanto Audio ORA4 also includes a subwoofer output, with a built-in automatic crossover at 80 Hz that high-passes the speakers and low-passes the sub-out, enabling seamless integration with a powered subwoofer — such as the Kanto Audio SUB8.

Each ORA4 speaker employs separate amplifiers for both woofers and tweeters, ensuring an accurate frequency response during playback. Power output per tweeter is 12W, and per woofer 23W, for a combined bi-amplified power output of 70W. ​

With the ORA4, Kanto Audio has engineered a high-performance compact speaker perfect for desktop use which — no matter the source — delivers clear highs, detailed midrange, and an impressively powerful bass. ​

Kanto Audio ORA4 Specs

Tweeter 3/4-inch Silk Dome
Woofer 4-inch (Magnetically Shielded)
Amplifier Type Class D Bi-amplified
Power Output 70W RMS (140W Peak Power)
Power Output (Per Tweeter) 12W RMS
Power Output (Per Woofer) 23W RMS
Frequency Response 60Hz — 22kHz
High/Low-Pass Filter 80Hz (Automatic)
Inputs 1 x RCA Line-level1 x USB-C (Supporting up to 24-Bit / 96kHz)1 x Bluetooth 5.0
Outputs 1 x Sub-out
Speaker Terminals 4-pin Connector
Rear Mounting Hole 1/4-inch -20
Input Voltage / Frequency AC 100V — 240V (50/60Hz)
Standby Power Consumption < 0.5W