Intel Core i7- A processor for your bigger needs

Talk about speed, people starts picturing Intel processors. Everyone has been discussing a lot about Intel core i7 technology, the one with better efficiency and faster processing speed. There was a time when chips were as large as a room, but now with core i7 chips, you can imagine chips going to the size of microns. You can’t consider Intel core i7 apart from previous chips developed by Intel but can consider it being the one with more advanced features.  Interestingly, they will be marketed in such a way that laptops and computers equipped with core i7 chips won’t be a burden on buyer’s pocket.

Intel core i7 has very detailed specifications where the manufacturers have tried their best to make it better from the previous Intel products. Processor comes with 8 MB cache and 2600K processing speed. When it comes to socket, you get LGA1155 sockets.

Talking about graphics, it has integrated graphics with a graphics base frequency of 850 MHz and 1100GHz of graphics maximum dynamic frequency. Memory has always been a significant factor when taking Intel chips into consideration. Intel has not left anyone disappointed and instead made everyone surprised by offering DDR3 SDRAM along with two memory channels. They have provided users and laptop manufactures with a thermal guideline of 95W.

With all these features, Intel core i7 proves that it could do wonders to any laptop or desktop once equipped in it. Fortunately, many laptops are finally released in the market with core i7 processors offering you with fastest speed which no ever imagined. With the amazing response it got, core i7 mobile editions are out in the market too. People have already marked their excitement by willing to purchase laptops supported with mobile core i7. As you can see, there’s no other product announced by any other company who can catch up with the specifications and successful results which comes up with core i7.

Falcon Northwest knew what wonders core i7 could deliver and became the first one to launch laptops using Intel core i7 technology. Their laptops got a better record of sales as compared to their previous sales. Recently, they confirmed that they have to concentrate on efficient graphic cards to cope up with core i7 technology. Fast processing speed form Intel core i7 and excellent graphics quality is what professionals gamers desire of and they got what they expected due to a better processor called core i7.  

Not only Falcon Northwest tastes the success of core i7 technology, but other laptop giants such as Cyber Power along with Smooth Creations have entered into process of using core i7 technology. The best deal as of now is none other than AVA Direct Clevo D900F Core i7 laptop. Interestingly, Amaron has not done anything to challenge Intel as far as core i7 chips are concerned. One can rely on core i7 technology as it doesn’t trouble you with speed and you can do complex programming in no time. There are lots of advanced versions to look for in core i7 technology in coming times.

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