Laptop Batteries from Toshiba

In this era of electronic gadgets, manufacturers are striving to upgrade the standards of existing products and Toshiba is no exception to that. Toshiba is a world famous electronics producer based in Tokyo, Japan, and manufactures an array of electronic items.

Today laptops have taken over personal computers and are becoming more and more appealing to the common user. Laptops are gaining importance in a world where people are always on-the-go and require technology, information and files at their finger tips. With the new developments being made manufacturers are trying their best to increase the battery life of your system. Imagine a situation where in the middle of a power point presentation meeting your laptop suddenly runs out of charge and you don’t have the AC adapter to charge it. To resolve such embarrassing situations Toshiba has come up with a new model of battery for laptops which is best suited for extended use.

The Toshiba pa3399u-1bas is compatible with several laptop models.

The pa3399u-1bas weighs less than two pounds and easily fits into any laptop case. These batteries can be charged without the help of the computer itself. They have a run time ranging from five to eight hours, depending on the types of programs being used. In fact, playing games or watching movies drain a lot of power. Today some computer manufacturers are offering the Toshiba battery pack with some of their compatible models. Some of these power sources are supplied with added facilities like car adapters (that do not require any electric source).

There are various ways by which you can extend the life of your Toshiba laptop battery such as Toshiba PA3107U-1BAS Battery, Toshiba PA3291U-1BAS Battery and Toshiba PA3591U-1BAS Battery.

These are as follows:

1.Whenever you start working with a new power unit make sure it is fully charged.

2.It is better to avoid using digital screen savers with sound effects.This enhances the life of the unit.

3.For extended use it is always advisable to keep the usage of DVD and CD accessories to the minimum possible level.

4.Avoid running scans while performing other tasks.

Generation of heat is one of the major issues of any battery. Toshiba has tried to minimize the generation of heat as much as possible. In doing so the company has developed a particularly new polymer which separates the lithium ion batteries from each other and thus prevent over heating. This new type of polymer is capable of withstanding about 190 degrees of heat, whereas other polymers can stand up to 140 degrees. This will help in preventing electrical problems.