How to Reset Windows Vista Password – Recover Vista Password.

reset Windows admin password

Windows admin password works as the first liner of safeguard to protect your computer data from unauthorized users. As a PC user, you must have been recommended by others to set a Windows administrator password to make your computer more secure, but they will not suggest you to remove Windows administrator password. Well, there’s times you may want to or need to remove Windows admin password.

When do you need to remove Windows admin password?

Situation 1: If you’ve been having serious problems remembering your password and you’re the only one with access to your computer. At that time, you can remove Windows administrator password as forgetting Windows password is an annoying problem. As long as you’re the only user on your PC, deleting your Windows XP account password will allow you to complete bypass the logon process.
Situation 2: If you forgot your Windows password and cannot log on computer, then you need to remove administrator password to regain access to your computer. Windows password can be easily forgotten or lost if you change your Windows password suddenly or don’t log on your computer with your password for a long time.
Situation 3: When you get a secondhand computer and are locked out of it by unknown password. It is easy for you to get a secondhand computer from a friend or by purchase. If you don’t want to reinstall your computer, you need to remove Windows admin password.

How to remove Windows admin password?

1. If you remember admin password…
In this case, you are able to log on computer with your password, please follow the below steps to remove Windows admin password. It will only take you a few minutes. The steps are based on Windows XP.
Step 1: Click on StartControl Panel and User Accounts in order.
Step 2: In the following User Accounts screen, click on your Windows XP user name.
Step 3: Click the Remove my password link.
Step 4: In the text box on the next screen, enter your current password.
Step 5: Click the Remove Password button to confirm that you’d like to remove your account password.
Now your Windows admin password has been successfully removed, and you can log on Windows with your Admin account.
2. If you forgot Window admin password…
In this case, you can use professional Windows Password Recovery software to remove Windows administrator password while you cannot log on Windows. The program allows you to burn a bootable CD/DVD or USB flash drive to remove Windows administrator password and user password on Windows 7/Vista/XP, etc. It is very easy to use and just takes you a few minutes. The following I will show you how to remove Windows admin password with a USB flash drive.
forgot Windows admin password
Step 2: Start the application and insert USB flash drive in computer.
Step 3: Start to burn the USB flash drive with Windows Password Reset.
reset Windows admin password
Step 4: Insert the burned USB flash drive in your locked computer.
Step 5: Set your locked computer to boot from USB.
Step 6: Remove Windows administrator password with the burned USB flash drive.
remove Windows admin password
In fact, if you have created a Windows password reset disk in advance, you can easily reset Windows password in this way. So, don’t forget to create a Windows password reset disk in case you forget Windows password.