GE Lighting, a Savant company, launches full color smart undercabinet fixtures

GE Lighting, a Savant company, continues its legacy of quality and innovation with the launch of yet another first-of-its-kind Cync® smart home innovation and exciting Cync product updates at CES 2024. The all-new Cync Reveal® HD+Full Color Undercabinet Fixtures and Pucks are the first and only full color and edge-lit smart undercabinet lights available in the North American market. Here’s what the rest of the Savant press release had to say.

Cync Reveal products offer exceptional clarity, millions of color options, and smart control in an elegant, easy-to-install undercabinet fixture. The smart fixtures’ slim profile and edge-lit design illuminates countertops with diffused pools of vibrant colors and pure, clean light. The latest addition to the Cync whole-home portfolio provides a seamless update to kitchen lighting, where innovation meets impeccable design for a truly immersive lighting experience.

[CES 2024] GE Lighting, a Savant company, launches full color smart undercabinet fixtures

Up to 10 fixtures can be connected to one another for a robust lighting solution to enhance every occasion, featuring millions of color options, including a full range of whites. Easily installed with captive screws as a plug-in or hardwired, the space-saving fixture can instantly transform the mood and ambiance of any room.

“We’re thrilled to be able to reach more users with affordable and high-quality smart products that can be easily installed by consumers or added to Savant smart homes to create more convenience and comfort,” said Kara Perdue, vice president of product management at GE Lighting, a Savant company.

“Cync smart technology can now be welcomed into more homes via better compatibility and flexibility of control, and consumers will enjoy other recent enhancements such as innovative firmware and software updates.”Cync now gives users an expanded array of options when it comes to control.

Cync Matter Integration
Cync Matter Integration

Whether it be the Cync app, powered by Savant, Alexa or Google voice, Matter, or the Savant professional app, users can choose the method of control that fits their lifestyle. In addition, Cync recently made several over-the-air updates to broaden the dimming range to an industry-leading less than 1 percent brightness. More music and light shows have just been added to the Cync app to help create the perfect vibe. More Cync enhancements are coming in 2024.

  • Cync Bolsters its Matter-Compatible Roster: A total of 20 Cync Matter-compatible products will now be available in 2024. In addition to the Cync Direct Connect Full Color Smart Bulb and Cync Smart Indoor Plug, 18 more products will hit retailers this year. The expanded lineup includes the entire Direct Connect Full Color and Reveal line of bulbs and wafers, Outdoor Smart Plug and Smart Thermostat.
  • In Cync with Savant Homes: In 2024, Savant users in North America will be able to incorporate Cync products into their professionally installed ecosystems and control Cync products through the Savant professional app or voice. For nearly 20 years, Savant has been a technology pioneer in the smart home industry. Available through more than 5,000 dealers worldwide, Savant has created the ultimate smart home experience, highlighted by its award-winning app.
  • Savant Power: The Future of Smart EnergySmart home energy management gives homeowners the ability to monitor and optimize the power required to light their residences. The Savant Power Storage System featured at CES provides visitors an inside look at revolutionary technology that lets users monitor and control energy consumption from the Savant professional app, cut energy costs during peak pricing periods, and power the whole home during blackouts.