Advantages of a Cartoon Doll Makeover

Children love to play with dolls, and in today’s technologically advanced age, they can do so online too. They can give a makeover to their playmates with ease, changing their look whenever they get bored or see a style they like and want to try out. Educationally, this helps develop their sense of aesthetics. If you are a father, chances are that you are devoting more time to the education and recreation of your child than her mother. A recent study by the Organization of Economic Co-operation and Development fathers helped children more with playing sports or homework than mothers. The US was one of two countries where non working father spent more time with children than working mothers. Whoever be the caregiver, planning entertainment activities for children will maximize the quality of time spent with them.

Cartoon dolls are popular with girls, because they can relate them to the cartoons they watch on television.

It is easy for them to imagine that they are these fantasy figures, or in control of these beings that are smaller than them. Otherwise, because they do not have much say in what goes on in their daily life, this escape in fantasy land is dear to them.

A cartoon doll makeover on multiple avatars is also possible on specialized social networks for girls. When your child becomes a member of such a site, you should confirm that it is safe. Check whether the team has a child safety advocate, a teacher, and a counselor, so that the child’s interests are kept in mind.

Games on the site should be innovative so that it is easy to retain the child’s attention. A variety of games, which are constantly refreshed, will also help in keeping children interested.

She should be able to choose from arcade games like word games

In a makeover, the eye color can be changed. Care should also be given to accessories, footwear, and clothes. The child can develop her sense of aesthetics by playing these games for fun.

A virtual room is an area which she can decorate according to her choice. This will further enhance her development of an individual taste. The feeling of independence she will get if you encourage her to perform these activities will be unparalleled.

Your child’s confidence will get a boost, her sense of identity will be better formed, and she will develop an individual taste if she does a cartoon doll makeover and other activities on the site. She can share her writing if she is creatively inclined and get feedback from the other girls who are members of the social network.