Advantages of Having a Portable Laptop Printer

Have you ever been in a situation where you are traveling and in need of a printer? Have you ever been on a vacation with your family and you want to share your pictures badly? Have you ever tried to finish printing a report only to find out that you have no electricity at home? If you have encountered any of these experiences, then having a portable laptop printer will have certainly saved you on such occasions.

Having portable laptop printers are so practical nowadays. Well, depending on your profession, they can be practical or not. If your profession involves a lot of traveling, then having one of these printers is certainly a convenience that you will like to have. There is no more need to search for computer shops and internet cafés just to print documents. Most laptop printers available today are so portable that slipping them inside your travel suitcase will not be a problem.

There are portable laptop printers that are more specialized in terms of their end-usage.

Some of these printers are more dedicated to printing photos instead of large documents. That way, these printers come in smaller designs. Some even have handles that allow you to carry them easily. These printers are very useful when you’re traveling on a vacation or spending time with your family. These laptop printers do not even need laptops in order for you to print your photos. Just snap a few pictures with your PictBridge-enabled cameras and print them directly. Not all laptop printers offer this feature though. So if you have a camera that is PictBridge-capable, you may want to consider this feature when buying a printer.

Some laptop printers also come with additional battery packs that allow you to use the printers even without plugging them in electric sockets.

If we take the models from Canon and HP for example, a fully charged battery is able to print up to 200 pages. If ever you find yourself stranded or on your way to a meeting, you can print your documents while you’re in the car. Most of these printers also have an optional car charger accessory so you can extend the life of the battery.

The latest models have additional features that make these printers very useful. Let us take the feature of wireless connectivity. If you have other gadgets that have this kind of feature, you will be able to interface with these printers. Let’s take for example a scenario where you have a camera phone with Bluetooth feature. With the Bluetooth feature, you can print pictures directly from your phone. This way, it will be easier to share the pictures. There is no more need to transfer the pictures first to a computer then print them. Having this kind of features saves more time. Aside from this feature, there are some printer models that come with optional scanning capabilities. Some have accessories that convert the printer into a scanner. Compared to a printer, scanners may not be needed as much but scanning capability is one feature that one may find very useful on some occasions.

These are only a few of the advantages that portable printers offer. However, they do not offer the same paper handling as most desktop printers do.