World Cruise Destinations

Imagine sailing through the beautiful depths of the ocean, towards a sunset. Land is already out of sight behind you. When most people think of a cruise, they think of a visit to the Caribbean. Nothing could be further from the truth. Although you can certainly visit the Caribbean, there are plenty of other world cruise destinations, including Alaska, South America, the Mediterranean, Antarctica, the South Pacific, Australia and New Zealand.
In fact, world cruise destinations are not limited to locations you can reach on the ocean. Some cruises are river cruises, enabling you to explore more territory, experience the culture form a truly unique perspective and see what life was like for early travelers.
Why Cruise?
Cruising provides the opportunity for travelers to see more of a country or place, or at least more countries and places than they would otherwise. Many of the expenses (meals and board) are paid for with the ticket, so you only need to worry about the cost of alcoholic beverages and the activities you decide to participate in land. Not all of those will have a price tag, either. You can take pictures and sight see for free.
When you cruise, you have the opportunity to travel in comfort for a low (comparatively speaking) price, while seeing many sides of a country or many different countries. You can also customize your travelers, by selecting a cruise that goes where you want to go for the number of days you want to be out.
World Cruise Destinations
On cruises, each place you visit is unique. You’ll see different sights, experience different temperatures and can explore new locations. You can shop and explore. Some highlights of cruises you could take include:
* Western Caribbean Cruises: Mayan ruins and beautiful aqua seas, see dolphins and sea turtles
* Eastern Caribbean Cruises: Small islands with water-based activities and beautiful sandy shores
* Alaskan Cruises: Beautiful floating white glaciers and misty fjords, see eagles
* Antarctic Cruises: Icebergs and islands heated by volcanoes, so they’re warm enough to swim in, see penguins and sea lions
* Amazon River cruises: See villager’s huts and canoe down the river, possibly catch and eat piranhas
* Australian cruises: You can see unique animals including Kangaroos and Koalas, and by visiting New Zealand as well, can see sub-Antarctic islands, also visit the capital of Australia; Sydney
* Seine River Cruises: These cruises go through a good part of France, including Paris, so you can explore cities, ruins, castles, art galleries and the French food and wine
* Mediterranean Cruises: See a number of cities, including Venice, Cannes, Capri, Malta, Greece and explore foods, traditions and beautiful architecture
Whichever world cruise destinations you visit, remember to take plenty of pictures!