Wireless Wonders, The Innovative Business Idea For New Business Ideas

Innovative business idea

Innovative business idea

RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) is one of innovative business idea as set to experience significant growth over the next five years, according to analysts. Judging new innovative business ideas fed RFID technology highlighted below, it is not difficult to understand why.

In short, RFID uses tiny computer chips to monitor and identify items wirelessly. Consider some interesting business ideas that come from the RFID world in recent times:

  • Radianse is an expert on indoor positioning solutions using RFID and related equipment and people to find the hospitals. RFID can slip into the glow of disposable patient identification bracelet. Patients can start immediately, and depending on the situation, the hospital sent the exact location of the patient’s journey.
  • T-Systems International GmbH has developed an e-ticketing system in collaboration with the German Mass Transit Authority based on RFID technology as innovative business idea. It consists of a semiconductor-based smart card that allows travelers to pass through the card reader without having to move or insert your card into the device. Suitable for passengers during rush hour.
  • TechFirm Company is headquartered in Tokyo, offers a service that connects consumers and small retailers using RFID. You can “bookmark” your favorite shops, showing their RFID-chipped phones, RFID readers installed in the shop. Using a dedicated mobile application, information about their “favorite” stores is sent to you wirelessly. So you do not miss this great sale.
  • In Japan, Mitsubishi Electric Corporation developed a technology that combines RFID tags and cameras to monitor high. With this technology, do not expect people to lift them. Instead, they wait for people, because they can now tell if a person wanted to use the elevator or the elevator was just along.

What kind of radical new ideas of innovative business idea for RFID wireless company can think of?