Which Came First? the Php Tutorial Script or the Website?

Never mind the chicken or the egg. The burning philosophical question of our cyber age is, which came first, the PHP tutorial script or the website? You see the list of instructions that your PC follows when it displays a website on your screen, the software in other words is a symbolic language called PHP. It’s called a language, but it is a language very unlike English, whether it is US or UK or any other kind.

Unlike language as we humans think of it, PHP tutorial scripts are not meant to be heard or listened too or even spoken. PHP tutorial scripts are learnt by people in order to be written and then ‘read’ and operated by computers alone.

PHP tutorial scripts are strings of symbols that operate only as pixels on screen and as digital data on your computers hard disk and on the servers of your Internet service provider. So have you ever wondered what happens to all those web pages, words and images when you move away from the website?

I always imagine them to be like the hologram of Princess Leia in the Star Wars movie. When you open up a website the PHP script leaps to life in front of your eyes and just as quickly reverts to PHP encoded script when you maneuver away from any particular site. So if nobody is visiting your website at any given time does it exist at all? Rather it only exists as a PHP tutorial script. That is to say PHP tutorial scripts only exist in a symbolic world until activated and then they only exist in a different symbolic world as long as you are looking at them. “Help me Obi Wan, you’re my only hope!”

Now you can go to PHP tutorial script websites and learn to write the language of PHP scripts that will then generate websites of infinite variety and designed to your PHP scripting. (Really it isn’t as difficult as becoming a Jedi knight). So hence the question that we began with, (boy aren’t you glad you started this?) which came first the PHP tutorial script or the website?

Am I just contemplating my navel or does all this PHP tutorial script talk have anything to do with real life. Well quite a lot actually. “Search your feelings Luke. You know it’s true”? You can turn a PHP tutorial script into cash and earn a very good living as a PHP programmer.

The online job site oDesk is finding that number of projects for PHP programmers is growing faster than any other freelance sector and the wages paid for these projects are rising faster too. ODesk also report that “overall, PHP demand was twice that of any other programming language. Open source technology, led by PHP and MySQL, is by far the skill set in highest demand today.”

PHP tutorial scripts are better than any other coding platform because it is free. Very flexible and offers a huge support network of other PHP scripters. There is an extensive library of PHP tutorial scripts that can be tailored, are transferable and match to fit almost any web application.