When Designer Meets Developer

Spread the word! This week in the fashion/technology world….. The tremendously talented designer Patrik Ervell just relaunched his website with pLot multimedia Developers on Monday October 4, 2010. Indeed, the Swedish Dandy figured how to bait his clientele with a touch of originality and found the perfect guys to execute the job. Being one of the most celebrated emerging designers in the industry, he has hit even harder with this relaunch. The original design featured multiple miniature moving men greeting you on the landing page of the website. After the captivating success of the first launch of his online store, and having mesmerized the fashion universe with his collaboration with Gap and his collection this summer, Patrik Ervell needed to get a second wind.
He gets off the beaten track with his newly re-launched e-commerce website: a juicy combination of futurism and creativity. With its simple presentation, sober and entertaining, online shopping is no longer a simple pleasure, but rather a real enjoyment. In fact, shopping appears to be a new adventure; as if you where in his store yourself. Upon opening up the web page, a model, in motion, sets the tone: the trader, seeking a slim fit blazer will be catered to; the laid-back student on the quest of his fetish knit cap will be ecstatic. Like a virtual runaway, viewers will recognize the designer’s luxurious print and at the same time, notice a split of technology, Plot Multimedia’s signature. This site is a perfect example to other designers of the importance of finding developers who don’t simply just write code, but who know how to turn technology into art! The final product not being just a delivered service but rather a collaboration of artists, each in their own realm.
The website has already received good reviews and may change the high end shopping experience on the internet. With pLot, Patrik Ervell set the trend once again, and should inspire quite a few with this initiative.