What’s in a Link?

The significance of linking on the web can be confusing for many
internet users. Why is a link considered so much more valuable than a
mere reference? Why is it important how many websites link directly to
mine? Why does it even matter if all my web pages are interconnected
with links? What exactly is a backlink

There are many different reasons links are considered so valuable. In
a sense, they are the currency of the web – telling your users to “click here ” when doing so
will take them away from your website shows that you think it is
worthwhile. That in itself is a powerful statement since you are
generally invested in keeping hold of your readers for as long as

Some of the reasons are more technical. By ensuring that the web pages
on your own site are well connected with links, you are making the job
of search engine crawlers easier than it would otherwise be. These
crawlers, which are really pieces of software, find it easiest to
navigate a site when everything is interlinked, and because search
engines can understand the site easily, it is more likely to rank well
in their results pages.

Early search engines were faced with many problems, one of which was
the question of how to rank the vast amounts of content contained in
their indexes. After all, internet search users were unlikely to sift
through hundreds of thousands of pages in the vague hope of finding
what they were looking for. When the next generation of search engines
came along, they came armed with something very clever – algorithms to
rank content. These algorithms were based on the principle described
above, i.e. that a link to a piece of content can be counted as a vote
of confidence (or at the very least, a vote of interest) in the link

It was not long before this became the most powerful concept in the
world of internet search. In fact, it gave rise to an entire industry.
A quick search of Google will reveal many businesses, like this SEO company ,
who make their money partly by creating links.