What is the best laptop to buy?


Buying a laptop should be based off of several key factors. They are battery life, speed, memory, disk space and of course affordability.

Always with a trusted brand and make sure that the first reviews and consider what others say, and become familiar with current requirements and standards.

You can start by narrowing by brand first. These days, Dell, Sony and HP some of the best and cheapest prices laptops you can get. I note in one of these because of their excellent track record over the years.

Then, narrow it down by price range after you’ve browsed through the brands. You can usually find the categories of less than $ 500, $ 500 – $ 700, and finally $ 700 – $ 800 +.

Now, make sure you look at the specs to a good start with RAM.

3 GB of RAM is pretty standard these days for laptops. Find a great computer for about five U.S. dollars to the right speed, and the best way to do this is by looking at the processor. Many affordable laptops are now dual core processor with speeds above 2.0.

You’ll also want to note what kinds of ports available and how many of them meet your needs. USB is the standard these days, so how many ports do you need to be made available?

Do not be overtaken by the looks of the item. Just because it looks nice, does not mean much.

Look at the disk space to store your files. 250 GB is pretty standard now and you should strive to find something along these lines.

In terms of battery life, there is nothing worse than getting a laptop that does not meet these expectations, and I have my fair share.

If you can guarantee to find that 2 – 4 hours of total battery life then you are really onto something.

You may also be interested in acquiring a laptop that allows you to upgrade the RAM slots allocated for this purpose, but this is not necessary.

My personal favorite is the Sony Vaio laptop, and I have one now that I still, even after 3 years use. They are very durable, have excellent properties, are fast, crammed with memory and its sleek design.

They are usually more expensive, but worth the the price tag, because the amount of use that you can get one.