Website Domain Name – Choosing the Right One!

Choosing a domain name for your website is the first step to your success online. The domain name you choose can either cost you money or make you money, so choose wisely. Here are some tips to get you started in the right direction.

Try to include a keyword

First you really should choose your domain name first and build your online presence around it, if possible. For instance if you plan on selling pajamas, try to locate a domain name with pajamas in it. An example would be: or or What is important to note is that the keyword pajamas is part of the domain name and that will help you get search engine traffic.

Make it short and easy to remember

You are allowed up to 67 characters; however you never want to even consider doing that. Traffic to your site is one of the many challenges of starting a new online venture, why make it harder? So your job is to locate a short and easy name. It’s not impossible, although most names have already been registered. It just takes a little work and a little imagination.

Should it be a.Com Name?

My advice is to only choose name. It is the most common extension that most people are accustomed to online. If I cannot get extension, I definitely would not buy extension. I would only be helping the person who owns extension. Of course they would love that. More traffic for your competitor. So don’t do it. When you do buy extension, if you can afford it, try to also register extension. It can always be used for an additional blog or a redirect.

What’s best to avoid?

• Hyphenated domain names.

• Names that uses numbers.

• Trademarked names (do a search).

• Nonsensical stream of letters like: or

• Domain names that can be spelled more than one way (I am guilty of this one however I wouldn’t recommend it).

Finding a great name is job one, so don’t rush through this stage. Take your time searching for that short, memorable, keyword rich domain name and you will be rewarded repeatedly for your efforts. The information above will get you started.