Website Design Tutorial – The Essentials

If you’re looking to build a website the chances are you’re overwhelmed by the amount of information available about how to do this, how to make that interactive, how to integrate a movie, and just about everything else. To try and help you make sense of all the information we’ve put together a website design tutorial that will help you break down your website into simple and achievable steps. It will still take a lot of work and a lot of thought, but this website design tutorial will give you some direction!

The first thing to think about is your target audience. The answer to that is easy you say – it’s aimed at your customers! However, it’s not as easy as that. You need to know what sort of person your customer is. Are they young or old, male or female, experienced computer users or beginners? Once you have determined the type of person they are then look at some of the websites they browse and see how they are organized and the type of media they have in place. Websites for younger users tend to have more interactive sites, whereas those aimed at older users and business people tend to be more informational but it varies widely by industry so there is no substitute for looking.

The next step in our website design tutorial is to take a look at the kind of information you need to present to the customer in order to have them make a decision to purchase your product or service. This may be information on what you do, what you offer and what it costs. At this stage you should also be presenting your competitive advantages and letting people know why they should buy from you.

The final stage is organizing that information into a simple but functional website that offers the type of media your customers are used to looking at and a message that connects with them in a familiar way, but leaves them no doubt that you are the best choice. The design of the website depends heavily on the type of information you want to present, but with all the research you’ve done you’re the best person for the job.

The best way to get all of this information together is to hire a web design company. Even if this website design tutorial has helped you get a better idea of how to start and progress, the online presence of your business should not be left to chance and it pays to hire a professional. The top web design firms will help you navigate these steps on their way to building you an industry leading website.