Website Content and Search Engine Optimization

There goes a popular belief in the world of search engine optimization and that “Content is the King”. A website which provides fresh and relevant content is going to reap the benefits from the search engines in terms of search engine rankings. Google and other major search engines have one primary goal and that is to provide the internet surfers with the most relevant search results for the keyword that they are searching for.

Quantity and Quality of Content:

The first thing to keep in mind when writing content for your website is the quantity of quality content per page. You need to have a good amount of information and text on every page of your website in order to get importance from search engine for your page and its keywords. At least one should have 250 words for each page of website that to get indexed by Google . It’s roughly three average size paragraphs. You need to have this much content on each page in order to make your website informative and relevant. Search Engines only wants to show relevant results to the user and it is quite doubtful that a site with one paragraph would be going to be useful for a searcher.

Having a high quality content which is relevant to your business expertise will help you gain back links automatically. If you are offering tutorials related to SEO, then having plenty of useful content on your website will help you gain back links from other websites.

Usage of Keyword

Another important thing to keep in mind when writing content is usage of keywords. Your keywords should constitute 5% of your total content. A particular keyword should only be repeated 5-8 times in a paragraph consisting of 250 words. You should also make sure to include relevant keywords. A gaming website should not try to optimize content for charity. You should make sure that your keywords are synchronized with the actual content on your website.

Keep providing fresh Content

If you can, then try providing fresh content to Google. Search engines like those websites which produce quality and fresh content on regular basis. Updating and adding content regularly to your website pages will help you gain higher search engine rankings. You can also try to add a Blog on your website. This will help you update your content on regular basis. Writing a Blog at least once a week will make sure that search engines will keep finding fresh data from your website and thus will find your website useful.