VDP Printing Technology

Variable Data Printing, or VDP, is one of the lastest buzz words when talking about Direct Mail. Basically, VDP is your regular direct mail offers, flyers or bill inserts, but with a personal twist.


VDP allows business to print direct mail as usual, but add variable information like consumer names along with a personalized attention grabber, directed to each individual, according to his or hers personal profile. The Eastman Kodak Company developed a new Stream Printhead that provides your business with the enhanced digital VDP capabilities. The new Printhead is actually a bridge between offset and digital printing, extending the business and revenue opportunities for companies of all sizes and adding value to printed pages.


Many surveys and studies proved that a letter that is personally directed to an individual is more likely to be read through and create action.

As a direct mailer, using the Kodak Prosper S10 Imprinting System will help you implement highly targeted, cost effective marketing materials that can deliver greater return on your marketing investment.


The Prosper S10 is now being used in the U.S. We now have the ability to produce direct mail as much as 40 times faster and at a quarter of the price and to produce massive amounts of mail in a short amount of time.


When printing VDP with the S10 Imprinting System, you can actually match your specific brand colors and attributes, or your corporate logo colors into your direct mail. “The quality sets the standard for what new printing technology will be, this technology, although new now, will absolutely be prevalent in the industry.

Since we put in the Kodak technology, we have been able to produce 80,000 full color Letterpaks per hour, using 600 dpi technology, which eventually comes out to 1.6 million direct pieces per day, in one press.


Indeed, the Printhead, operating at 1,000 fpm, delivering a resolution of 600 dpi, allows users to save time and money, unlike with the old fashioned, two-step process that combines offset pre-printed forms and offline laser imprinting. As a direct mailer, you can now be confident and comfortable with the new technology, because of the high quality and low cost. The shift occurring in the communications industry makes it tough to be a print-only provider. You have to be solutions- oriented.


With this amazing new technology you can reach a clientele faster and more efficiently than you’ve ever imagined without costing you too much.