Using Yahoo! Domain Registration to Get Your Website Started

In order to create a web site, or custom email address, you need to purchase a domain name. A domain name functions as you address on the Internet, and is one of the most important aspects of your company’s presence on the Web.

Most people will choose a domain name that is similar to their business name. Others choose a name that reflects their personal interests, or even their own name. Your domain name should be unique, and as short as possible, and be easy to spell, remember, and say. Many registrars offer special tools to help you select a domain if you are having trouble finding one available that you like. Everyone knows that Yahoo! offers services like email, the news, and search, but did you know they also offer domain registration services?

Yahoo! offers you the ability to register a domain in a number of different extensions. Extensions like .com, .net, or .org are the most common. Examples of other common, but less popular available extensions include .info, .ws, and .tv.

Yahoo! domain registration starts at $9.95 a year and offers a number of features, including24 hour toll-free support, a free starter web page, private domain registration, domain locking, domain forwarding, and complete DNS control.

Domain registration prices vary, but Yahoo! domain registrations are more affordable than some other big names, who can charge much more. For businesses, Yahoo!’s domain registration service fits perfectly with the Yahoo! Small Business Web Hosting Service.

Domain registrars often run new customer specials to gain market share. Yahoo!’s $1.99 domain registration offer is an excellent example. The offer is only good for new customers and covers only the first year of registration, but is one of the best values available in domain registration. Or, by signing up for Yahoo! Small Business Web Hosting, you can get a domain name for free.