Understand Iphone Programming, Make Money – Myth Or Reality?

Programming Yourself To Be Self Confident (Part - 2) Your Strengths

    Are important strengths to have in self-improvement and Programming Yourself To Be Self-Confident.

Programming Yourself To Be Self Confident (Part – 2) Your Strengths

Last December the app called iFart became the number one app on the App Store. Who would’ve thought of iPhone Apps like iFart, iSteam, Ocarina, iBeer, Koi Pond, Moron test, iFight, etc ? If you sign up at EDUmobile.ORG classes – you get remote access to Mac time. I wont tell :)If you want to eventually self-publish your iPhone app via the Appstore – then you need the official SDK and acceptance by the folks at Mac and it costs $100. Inside The iPhone Programming Training You Will …… Master iPhone Development via a fun and easy to learn system… Learn step-by-step via Online Video Tutorials, PDFs and Worksheets… Have remote access to a Mac, that is offered to you, if needed… Get 50 hours of free access initially and request additional hours, if required. What You Will Learn In The iPhone Tutorials at EDUmobileXcode and Interface Builder: Xcode is the latest IDE from Apple and is used to create native applications for Mac OS and iPhone. This course assumes negligible knowledge of objective c and will deal in: classes, objects, properties, message sending, memory management, the Foundation classes, and so on.Cocoa Touch: It is an API for building software programs to run on the iPhone and iPod Touch from Apple Inc. Cocoa Touch provides an abstraction layer of the iPhone OS, which is the operating system for the iPhone and iPod Touch. Various applications can be created using tab bar controllers and is must for iPhone programming.Table Views: You’ll learn how to use data source to organize tables, insert and delete table data, and navigate between tables using navigation controllers or even a tab controller.Keyboard Input: The virtual keyboard is unique to the iPhone and it’s important that your application makes it as easy as possible to enter text. Touch Events: Take advantage of the touch screen by learning how to handle touch events and multi-touch gestures.Camera and Photos: Learn to access the camera and the photo book album for your applicationsAccelerometer: Tap into this unique device feature to detect and adjust to motion.Profiling and live device testing: Learn how to connect your iPhone to your mac and how to profile and transfer application to it.