Top Web Page Design Mistakes

Today, there are already a lot of people who claim to be web designers, or those who have chosen web design as their profession. Guess it has never been easier to make web page design templates and to cluster them in packages which are ready-to-use. However, this begs the question, is this something good or is this a bigger pain-in-the-neck for would-be website clients?

If you have a little knowledge about web page design but you’re not quite sure if you should take over your company’s web design, then think about this: do you really have the passion, the vision and most of all, the time to develop your company’s web page design? Or do you think you might just scrimp on quality? Sometimes it’s better off to leave it to the experts but if you’re a little low on budget and you don’t trust some affordable web design packages offered, at least try to dodge some of the most common web page design mistakes such as:

The Art Mishap

Okay, we won’t try to sugarcoat it. The art mishap is simply the ugly web page design. By saying ugly, we don’t mean this in a subjective way, but in a more general manner. You’ll know art mishaps because they’re the ones which defy the basic rules of art such as which colors complement one another according to the color wheel, different fonts in one page, different page button sizes and using common, stock clip art for your major icons.

Talkative Designs

Any average reasonable person knows that what really makes a website stand out is premium content. If what you’re saying makes sense, if it interests a reader, if it wants the reader to share to their friends what you just said, then you’re treading the right path. However, if you take a step back and you notice that there are just too many words (text) in your design, then all the excitement could just simmer down to…obnoxious. Don’t give all your secrets away. Make them feel like they’ll learn something very useful if they browse through and stay longer on your website.

Lack of Viewer Flow Analysis

One common web page design attribute that’s most often overlooked by a lot of amateurs is the viewer flow analysis. Simply put, a really good web page design is mapped out for maximum ease of use for the user. Your design has to lead your audience where you want them to be, and where they will find a lot of useful things. First, there must be a demographic analysis of a prospect client’s visit to the site, and then his/ her actions must be simulated so you can build “paths”. At the end of the day, the web design must lead them to what you wanted them to do, purchase your product/ service, send you an email, or subscribe to your offer.

See, those are just the basic mistakes that you must pay attention to when you are drafting your web page design. And remember, if you think that you can’t do it THIS well, then just leave it to the pros. Their experience is surely are worth your investment.