Tips Before You Buy Old Domains

Want to buy old domains? Well, my friend before doing so let me give you some knowledge about what domains are, procedures to buy old domains and where to buy from.

A domain is the name you type into your browser to get to a particular website. The general form of a domain may look more like this This can be broken down into three parts:

The represent the hosting of the website and is generally optional, but is preferred to add before “name”.

The “name”, along with the final part is your host name. The domain can be up to 63 characters long, which have to include at least 1 letter.

The “.com” is a type of domain extension, which you can choose. This is a must, as it helps in identifying a website. Other extensions like “.org”, “.net”, “.co. in” are also used.

Before you buy an old domain, it is also very important to analyse and examine it thoroughly.

Check The History of The Domain: It is extremely important to check the presence of any illegal, unfamiliar contents in the domain. Any linkup of the domain with inappropriate site will act as a negative process in improving your domain names search performance and traffic gatherings. To check the domains history, we have a website where you can go and check about it.

Check The Page Rank By Google: Various developers insert fake page ranks to their websites. To avoid being fooled by them, you need to check the proper page ranking system by Google. To check, you can install the Google toolbar or you can simply search in Google by the detailed domain name. If some name other than yours appear, you will be assured of the domain being a fake one.

Checking For Proper Keywords: Keywords are the most important part in search engine optimization (SEO). If you find an old domain contains certain keywords that may be useful or appropriate for your domain, then it’s a better choice to buy it.

Checking The Popularity: It’s an added advantage if you check the traffic listing of the website. This will help in identifying popularity of the website. Google Analytics is a tool that can help you in identifying this issue.

Checking For DMOZ Listing: It’s extremely useful if a domain is enlisted in DMOZ as Google gives it an additional priority.

You can buy old domains at,,,,, These are some of the popular domain sellers. Other sites are also there who sell and buy old domains.

Each day thousands of domains become available for purchase. So if you don’t find your ideal domain today, then you will find tomorrow or the day after. But what ever you do, do buy domain without proper checking other wise a lot of your valuable money will be wasted.