Time travel and Accommodation Costs

Make sure you are on time and stay until the end of all sessions – if you paid a high price for registration, time travel and accommodation costs, therefore, necessary to obtain money.

Arriving in the afternoon before the event starts – this will allow sufficient time to get from the airport to the hotel before rush hour begins. Normally no queues at the hotel lobby, check-in is fast. You have plenty of time to relax or spend time visiting a new city, if desired.

Go to the hotel – I spend about half an hour download. This means that the clothes hung on hangers in my wardrobe and cosmetics are placed in the bathtub. I have read the information provided by the hotels, so I’m familiar with the facilities and dining area on the ground. Also, make sure that my computer and the Internet in conjunction with the work (or call the maintenance help with this).

Being a few minutes earlier for registration – You will be able to meet people, talk about books and a series of resources and images to find a seat in the meeting room before reaching the people. This also gives you time to review documents in the Welcome Kit to enrollment.

Write notes as you want – I noticed a big star next to their names on books, people and ideas that I want to leave after the meetings. Therefore, it is very easy to follow and further learning.