Three of the Most Fulfilling Careers in Nursing Today

Not that nursing in itself is a fulfilling and honorable job. After all, the nature of the nursing job is giving proper care to people and showing compassion. However, pursuing a personal cause in your urbane scrubs free shipping can give you a deeper sense of fulfillment. A job in nursing is the perfect way to pursue you passions and your causes whether it is taking care of schoolchildren, serving your church or religion, serving your country, or fighting a threatening disease that a family member suffered from (such as cancer), and other personal causes close to your heart. Below are some four of the most fulfilling careers in nursing today.
School Nurse
School nursing is a wonderful chance to make a positive difference in the lives of children. It is a specialized nursing practice that is geared on advancing the well-being of students. A school nurse looks after the well-being and life-long achievements of students by promoting normal development, ensuring health and safety, giving proper care to avoid potential and remedy actual health problems, and providing good nutrition advice. The school nurse also actively collaborates with parents and family for promoting the health of the student and foe building self-management, learning, and health advocacy programs. A school nurse may work as a staff, a clinical nurse specialist, a nurse supervisor, a nurse practitioner, or a manager. To become a school nurse, one must be caring and have a natural fondness for children, is self-motivated, patient, and has excellent communication skills. The job requires long-term relationships and professional independence and autonomy. Most school nurses work regular hours unlike hospital nurses. The drawbacks for this kind of job are the excessive paperwork and possibly heavy workload. To be a school nurse, one must be a registered nurse with a diploma or bachelor in science degree. He or she can work in private schools, public health departments, and school boards.
Parish Nurse
For nurses with a religious bent and feel the need to serve their church, becoming a parish nurse can be a very fulfilling career path. Through religious affiliation the parish nurse helps unite the community and healthcare, acting as a facilitator for the church, community, and hospital. A parish nurse can be a program director, pastoral counselor, health educator, counselor, liaison, facilitator, consultant, or a referral source. It requires having an active and diverse role in the community and dealing with various kinds of people. To do this job well, it helps to have excellent communication and interpersonal skills and a solid clinical foundation. Because this specialty is fairly new, however, job opportunities are limited and some may not pay too well or even be non-paid voluntary work. Employers for this position include religious organizations, congregations, and hospitals.
Military Nursing
For nurses who wish to serve the country in the name of patriotism, military nursing may be a good option. A military nurse provides traditional nursing practice and care to various branches of the military in various settings, whether peace or war-time and classified as either civilian employment or active duty reserves. It requires a strong commitment and a strong and broad knowledge in critical care, trauma, and OR. Employers include the US Government and contract agencies for employment.