The World from the Eyes of Jeff Rutt

Jeff Rutt Let’s see the world in other angle, another different point of view. Despite of all technology and human development in many industrial sectors, there are many people who need our hands. In a minutes count, this number of poor people has increased rapidly. There are many children, women, and old folks who have less fortune life than we have right now.
Seeing the world’s situation, a man from Lancaster named Jeff Rutt found a way to help these people and make this world as a better place for them. He established Hope International to provide support to many people who are suffering from poverty and are homeless. “Homes for Hope” is one of the programs launched by Hope International organization in early 1999. This program will seek funds or building material in order to achieve its goal, which is to build these less fortunate a place to cover their selves, a place they can call their home. Jeff Rutt plans turned out to be one successful achievement, seeing from the growing numbers of the member, the total homes that he has built during his efforts as well as the huge number of funds that he was successfully raised.
Thanks to his hard-work effort, many lives have been saved; this world has become even better than it has ever been before. The efforts that Rutt’s has been done attract the Senate of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania’s attention as he congratulates Jeff Rutt for his achievement. He gave his honor to Rutt as well as a private congratulatory letter from him, saying that all Jeff Rutt’s humanitarian endeavors will be long appreciated, inspired, and well-remembered by many people.