The SOMA platform benefits publishers


Technology has increased at an unbelievable rate over the last decade. The Internet has been the biggest thing since sliced bread. The number of Internet users is staggering. Most people find it almost impossible to function without the internet.
One of the most common activities on the Internet is a search for information. When conducting an internet search one must use what is termed a “search engine”. For many years Google and Yahoo have dominated as the premier search engines. More recently Bing has gained acceptance as a viable search engine.
Not surprisingly, alternatives to these giants are being developed. As an example there is Smaato, Inmobi and Admob.
The search for information has also changed in recent years. Admob is used to browse Google Adsense in a mobile format. Inmobi, on the other hand, is more sophisticated than Admob. There seems to be a lot of talk about Inmobi. Apparently it is used by PPC Mobile and supports Mkhoj. Inmobi is the biggest company in India and provides a sophisticated network for the use of its products.  
Smaato is a pioneering mobile advertising company. It operates a mobile and optimization platform known as SOMA (Smaato Open Mobile Advertising). Smaato partners with mobile publishers, developers, ad networks and operators.
The SOMA platform supports all of the most popular handsets including, Android, iPhone, Blackberry and Windows Phones. SOMA also supports and provides application and mobile internet advertising. Numerous publishers and software developers are partnering with Smaato because they provide a cutting edge mobile advertising platform. The SOMA platform benefits publishers because it optimizes eCPM and ad operation management.
Smaato is becoming the global leader in mobile advertising. Its mobile applications and unique ad optimization technology makes it a leader in this field. Smaato is developing forecasting and other tools that will allow it to remain at the forefront of this particular industry.