The Latest Windows Phone With The Latest Operating System

The Windows Mobile 7 is quite impressive with its amazing features. The foremost thing is the look and the feel of the phone. The user interface of this phone is very unique. The look is very digitally and it feels like chrome less experience. There are no drop shadows, faux 3D or busy backgrounds. The operating system is very original as well and does not match with any of the systems available in the market. The Windows Phone 7 comprises of many revolutionary features like the user navigation, which is completely touch based and the motion feature control. For the motion control features there will be no accelerometer as it its place the front cameras will detect movement. To do things you just need to twist and shake this phone. Improved media playback is another very big change in the latest version of windows phone.

This phone boast of a minimalist interface, however the internet explorer is capable of running web pages in full screen mode. It also comprise of tabbed browsing and the another interesting feature is that you can change the tabs by just shaking the phone. When talking about the Windows phone 7 operating-systems, then another phone that features this OS is the Windows Phone HTC HD 7. This phone comprises of a 5 megapixels digital camera for taking high quality pictures. It also features automatic focus adjustment. Another interesting characteristic of this phone is that it is integrated with GPS system. Some of the other included services are TV, Zune, Slacker Radio, Netflix, Windows Marketplace, and many more other services. You also get messaging services with Windows Live Messenger.

It also includes application software like Microsoft Office Mobile. It provides a very nice display with its 4.3 inch display. This phone also offers better and improved performance with its Snapdragon Qualcomm 1 GHz processor. This one is a stretched out edition of Windows Phone 7 contemporaries. This phone perks up the smooth software pf Windows phone and is great when you want landscape lounging with its enlarged canvas. This helps you to enjoy all your movies and videos as well.