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Constant programming will keep you in the outgoing mode.

The Center Stage

One of the most versatile and effective programming techniques in my repertoire is Center Stage. When you visualize yourself with the positive outcome of your programming, visualize the date you wish the action to take place by.

Here is how the three-act Center Stage technique works.

Bring people who are involved in the problem onstage as players in the drama.

After going through the scene, project yourself back to your seat and visualize the curtain closing. When the curtain is closed, mentally write a big red NO on the curtain and mentally say, “Any past feelings that hold me to that scene, I now release.” This player will be your alter ego and will act out the solution to your problem during Act II of Center Stage.

You have already determined the positive end result of your program; during Act II you will remain in the third row center while your alter ego acts out the scene.

The curtain opens.

Your alter ego is playing your role. Visualize your alter ego being successful at whatever you are programming for.

If you’re programming for a new job, for example, see your alter ego in the new job, sitting at your desk or performing your duties on a stage set to represent your desired work environment.

After setting the date, close the curtain.

The curtain opens.

Bring in the same target date. After acting out the positive end result with yourself playing the starring role, project yourself back to your seat in the third row center.

The curtain closes, and you mentally write on the curtain, better and better.

I recommend doing Center Stage three times for each one of your goals. Run through Center Stage once each day for three consecutive days.

Bart was skeptical, but he participated in the Center Stage exercise, programming as his end result a thriving business and a new car (specifically – a gold Lexus LS430).

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