The Best WMA Converter Ever!

With so many new audio formats available, users are faced with difficulties when opening files. For this reason, they have to spend long time looking for an effective audio converter. There are lots of converters available on the web, but most of them support only one or two formats. This is rather routine and time-consuming. Fortunately, there is a new all-in-one converter that does the entire job the right way!

Factory Audio Converter is the most effective and user friendly file conversion utility around. It supports over 30 audio formats and converts audio files to WMA, MP3, MP4, MPC, WAV, FLAC, APE and AAC. With this unique tool, you can easily convert WMA to MP3. Besides, the tool features batch function, which allows you to convert many files at a time. You can set the converter to manage several hundreds of files, and it will not take much longer than converting one or two files!

Factory Audio Converter features an easy-to-follow interface. It is laid out in a way that makes each button and function immediately observable. Therefore, operation is easy as pie for even first-time users. You do not have to memorize anything. All you need to do is select your required folder, check the files you wish to convert and select the target format in the format panel. For instance, if you need to convert WAV to MP3, you should select a folder with WAV files, check one or more files and click MP3.

The program wizard will automatically set the bitrate, sample rate and channel options. If you are not an inexperienced user, please, leave the default settings. You will gain an advanced understanding after more experience using the converter.  If you are an experienced user, you will know the difference in settings and will be able to set the converter to your preferrence. If you have to convert part of an hour-long audio file, the wizard will help you make an extract. Simiply, Select Part, set the beginning and the end of the track, then click Start.

MP3 is audio is the most software-friendly, most compact and therefore the most popular audio format. Due to the small size, you can fit an extensive MP3 collection on a relatively small drive. Unfortunately, WMA seems to be falling by the way side due to high occurrence of errors. Not to mention, MP3 files have better sound characteristics. Converting WMA to MP3 is the only effective solution to this problem. This is where Factory Audio Converter comes in handy.

This unique converter has a few advanced characteristics. It features a built-in audio player and a CD ripper. The player permits you to estimate the quality of both source files and target files. The CD ripper allows you to create MP3 collections from your CDs. Now you can put your home audio collection on your portable player or car player and take it with you, wherever you go.

Factory Audio Converter is compatible with Windows 98/NT/ME/2000/XP/Vista. It integrates into the Windows right-button menu, so you can manage your audio files right from the desktop. To launch the tool from within some other application, use command line option.

If you need to convert WMA to MP3 regularly, it is about time for you to purchase factory Audio Converter. Please, don’t take our word for it. Download the free trial version and develop your own opinion! You will soon discover that the tool is a great value!