The Best Forex Robot

Are you scouring the internet, trying to find out which is the best Forex robot to earn you some money?
There are plenty of Forex trading robots on the market, and of course, the creators of each claim theirs is the best by far. Three of the most popular are Fapturbo, Ivybot and Megadroid.
So, if everyone claims they have the best Forex robot for sale, how do you know who is telling the truth?
Well, the honest answer is that we will probably never know how truthful the claims made on their websites are. So, when choosing a Forex trading robot you should use some common sense.
Remember, you are going to be letting this robot take charge of your money!
You should check things like:
Has the company/robot been around for a while? If they have only been around for a few months then perhaps you should stay away. Anyone claiming to have the best Forex robot for sale should have a history of their robot being profitable for their buyers.
Do they offer a guarantee/refund? If not then this is definitely a reason not to invest in that robot. If they don’t have enough confidence in their robot to offer any money back guarantee, then why should you show confidence in it by spending your money on it?
Do they offer support to buyers? Depending on your level of technical expertise, some robots can be tricky to set up and configure with your trading account properly. Make sure the robot you buy comes with sufficient documentation and tutorials to help you get started, and a way to contact the company if you have problems.
These are all important questions that you should be able to answer ‘yes’ to before deciding which is the best Forex robot for you. You may be able to think of some more yourself.
One other major issue you should be looking at is if a robot will be compatible with your broker. You see, Forex brokers know that trading robots can be profitable, so guess what they do:
They try to stop people from using robots to trade on their account!
A good robot can take a trader, who would otherwise probably lose his money like most other newcomers and line the pockets of the broker, and actually turn them into a profitable trader. This isn’t good news for the broker, and so they try to prevent you from using them.
There are various tactics used by brokers, that include blocking you from placing a trade when they detect a robot is being used, raise the spread on the currency pair the robot is trading on, or even to close down your trading account altogether.