Techniques in Website Design

All designers and developers should be aware of the importance of their work to anyone who sees them. With smart decisions with regards to design, your customers will get a tremendous amount of satisfaction through a great website experience. Here are some techniques you can consider to incorporate in your website to make your website usable and satisfying.
When it comes to links or any part of your website that needs to be clicked, the size of the clickable area is important. If the space is too tiny, users will have a hard time aiming at it with the arrow. Not all people are very precise with the use of the mouse. Making the links very easy to click will save the time and energy of the user.
When content is split into several pages, this is called Pagination. This is used in websites that have long lists of items, blogs, or photos. It is depicted by numbers at the top or bottom of a page that gives you an idea of what page you are in and gives you the option to choose what page you want to view. Make sure that the list is not too long in each page to avoid delay in downloading the items that are about to be displayed. Besides, the more pages you have, the more page views you get.
In social networking website design, you should create unique titles for each page of your website. This will make it easier for users to browse the site and to know if they are in the right place or not just by looking at the title. Create few points of focus in your website. People tend to view a website from the top to the bottom. Creating complicated formats will confuse and annoy the user.
It is important to have contact information available in your website. This will give the user the impression that the company cares about their users’ concerns and suggestions. It says that they are willing to address any issue the user might encounter in using their website. You can include an email address, contact number, or an FAQ (frequently asked questions) page for common issues and solutions.
It would also be helpful to add a search bar so that people who know exactly what they are looking for can go straight to it. Making them go through your whole website when they know what they need will only make them frustrated. The social networking website design will be pointless if you do not incorporate ease and convenience for your users.
Make sure your registration forms are short and straight to the point. Discard any questions or fields that are asking for unnecessary information about your users. Go straight to the point. Require only information that is important. Long registrations forms will only drive users away. This will avoid too much thinking on the user’s part. Too much thinking will only increase frustration. Making things easier for the customer, thru your social networking website design, is the key to capturing their interest and attention.