Tablet PC Parental Control

Is Your Kid At Risk Right on Internet Now?

The Internet and computer use in general is growing by unimaginable numbers every single day. Along with this fantastic growth and opportunity comes increased need for personal security and peace of mind. But what it an Internet predator still manages to get through? How would you know? In the following part, we will look at some of the major signs that someone is after your child.

1. Lots of Time Spent Online at Night

2. Pornography on the Computer

3. Your Child is Receiving Calls From People You Don’t Know

4. Becoming Withdrawn from the Family

5. Using a Stranger’s Online Account

6. Meeting stranger face to face

Positive Steps to Control How Children Use the Internet

1. Learn what your children are doing – Ask your children about their favourite online hangouts and who they meet there.

Find out if they have a blog, a Web site, an IM account, or email accounts.

2. Set Internet policies – Create family policies for email, IM, blogs, and social networking accounts-including the kinds of programs your children can use. Using Tablet PC Parental Control ( will help you control computer/laptop usage by creating computer schedules.

3. Monitor your children’s accounts – Make sure you know who your children are meeting online. Effective Internet Monitoring programs like Tablet PC Parental Control will help you do this.

4. Make the Internet a family activity – Maybe more important than anything else, keep your computers in a central part of the house; that way you can stay involved and keep an eye on what your children are doing. If this is not an available option then Tablet PC Parental Control will help you monitor the computers in other rooms.

Tablet PC Parental Control — Best Internet Monitoring Software

Tablet PC Parental Control (  is your fastest and easiest solution to safeguard your children’s Internet experience and maximize the efficiency of the time they spend on the computer. With improved features and functionality, Tablet PC Parental Control offers total control over your kids’ computer activity. Tablet PC Parental Control records entire system activities, windows snapshots, clipboards, chat logs, websites visited, composed emails, applications accessed, and etc.

Tablet PC Parental Control is much more than the best-rated Parental Controls solution. It is loaded and preloaded with many optional benefits and features that improve the security and the quality of the Internet your children see. Installing Tablet PC Parental Control on your computer is customizing the Internet, by child, the way you want your kids to experience and use it.

Features That Make Tablet PC Parental Control Unique

1. Run in a invisible and stealthy mode.

2. Take screen snapshots in real-time and watch the screenshots in video-style playback.

3. Record the date and time an email was sent or received, the subject, the contents and any attachments.

4. Blocking access to dangerous and inappropriate web sites.

5. Record all the visited websites, URLs, captions, users, and computers to estimate users’ browsing activity.

6. Block IM Chats IM outgoing files with specific application names.

7. See the complete dialog of your child’s chat conversations on facebook, MySpace, Yahoo, AIM and MSN.

8. Easy to use and install which do not demand a degree in Computer Science to configure and operate.

9. 30 days free trial and free customer service.