Speakers for Years of Quality Sound

It is very easy to spend a lot of money on audio equipment and you will likely want to protect your investment. Part of that investment are your system’s speakers. They need a little tender-loving-care to keep them working in tip-top condition. Unfortunately, people don’t often consider their specific needs.
This handy article should help guide and prevent your speakers from suffering damage from a few common conditions. Fortunately, these steps are easy to implement and won’t cause you an undue burden.
The first thing to be aware of is heat. Storing or using your speakers in an hot environment will cause their sound quality to degrade over time and shorten their lifespan. Storing them in your garage is generally not going to work. Find a climate controlled environment where they can be stowed safely away. Also, bear in mind that direct sunlight does nothing to help your speakers. Try to keep them away from powerful sunlight. Finally, if you are using the speakers over an extended period of time, it might be helpful to arrange fans to blow on them to help keep them cooler.
Hand-in-hand with heat as a consideration is moisture. High humidity environments are not good for speakers. Again, it is best to store them in a climate controlled environment where they are not subjected to varying levels of humidity. Further, if you intend to use your speakers outside, be sure to have a method for protecting them from rain. Even a small amount of rain can damage the bass speaker internal cone and cause rusting of parts.
Dust is another enemy. Of course, it is nearly impossible to avoid dust. However, you can take steps to reduce the dust. Use a vacuum cleaner, blow dryer (no heat) or cans of compressed air to clean off the parts of your speaker from time-to-time. Allowing dust to accumulate will eventually start to affect the sound quality of your speakers.
Be sure to keep protective front cover on your speakers. Having an errant leg, football, bottle or projectile smashing into a speaker is not a good time. It might look more “cool” to have the cover off but you are taking an unnecessary risk.
Finally, follow any specific instructions contained within your owner’s manual for the speakers. This seems obvious but many people do not take the time to actually read the manual. Save yourself some grief and sit down with it for fifteen minutes of reading.
If misfortune should befall one of our prize speakers, there are businesses that specialize in repairing them. Look one up on the internet as it will be much cheaper to repair than replace when you are dealing with high end equipment.