Spark Logix Studios is Conquering the Midwest as Inbound Marketers

Minneapolis, MN (PRWEB) June 30, 2012

What started as a modest web design business in Minneapolis by founder Rob Benson has since grown to an influential inbound marketing company spanning two states. The company has established several new offices, hired additional staff to keep up with demand and continue to hire as more projects roll in.

Although many businesses are reducing advertising budgets in response to the slower economy, Spark Logix Studios has found a way to thrive in this industry. When asked what’s enabled them to succeed, Benson replied, “No matter the economic climate, marketing is a necessity for every business. However, companies are opting for our service because they are less expensive than many traditional forms of advertising, and in today’s internet-centric world, they work better too.”

Account manager, Ryan Beckman, feels another reason Spark Logix Studios has been able to grow in this economy is the team’s willingness to work with a range of different sized businesses. “Our typical clients are small to medium sizes businesses, but our inbound marketing formula can work for any company,” said Beckman. “And because we’re able to give our clients quantifiable, positive changes to their online campaigns, they choose to maintain long-term relationships with our team.”

While they’ve earned the loyalty of their current clients, they are busy taking on new customers as well. In fact, Spark Logix Studios has such an influx of projects that, in addition to the main office in downtown Minneapolis, they’ve also opened up new offices and relocated staff to Ham Lake, MN and Fort Collins, CO in an effort to better serve customers.

Driving interest in the inbound marketing company is its holistic approach to online promotion. While others in their industry focus on one or two areas of advertising, such as web design or search engine optimization, Spark Logix Studios includes an assortment of elements into its strategy.

“Yes, we design and build web pages, and we optimize them for search engines, but as inbound marketers, we do so much more,” Benson, explained. “We also incorporate things like social media, blogs, videos, and other tactics that build links and brand awareness. This gives our clients exposure on multiple channels, which leads to more traffic, better targeted traffic, and increased conversions.”

Benson also feels people appreciate the user-friendly products Spark Logix Studios provides. “By relying on easy to use, yet powerful platforms like WordPress and Magento, our clients have much more control over their own web properties,” he said. “With only basic computer skills, they can update their sites, post blogs, or manage their own e-Commerce store — it’s very liberating.”

Visitors to the Spark Logix Studios’ website can find descriptions of all the company’s products and services, explore a portfolio of finished work, and read an extensive blog full of online marketing tips and tricks.

To learn more or to contact Spark Logix Studios, visit the company website.