Soundcore announces new ANC TWS headphones the Life P3

Soundcore is the audio arm of Anker Innovations who are well known for their mobile peripherals and power devices. The company has been making huge inroads into the sound market with some really great products. The company has announced a new line of ANC TWS headphones in five new colors, the Soundcore Life P3.

All five colors of the Life P3 will be available by mid-July with an MSRP of US$79.99 at Amazon and the Soundcore website. The Life P3 will also be available in the UK for £79.99, Europe for €79.99, and Canada for $99.99 (CAD). Additionally, the Life P3 will be available for pre-order on between June 10th – July 5th.

The Life P3, designed to both sound and look great, with its compact design, will be offered in five colors – Black, Navy Blue, Oat White, Sky Blue, and Coral Red. With their 11mm drivers and BassUp technology, the Life P3 will easily reproduce the lowest bass notes in pop or dance music while also playing the brightest treble from a cymbal, flute, or stringed instruments.

Using the app, the Life P3 offers three noise cancellation modes including Transport mode, the strongest ANC mode to block out low-frequency noises from airplanes, trains, or city buses. It also includes Outdoor mode, used to block out street noise, as well as Indoor mode, which helps block out voices that are commonly found in an office or at a café.

The Life P3 features Transparency mode which helps enhance all ambient sounds, ideal for runners/bicyclists that need to safely hear noises around them as well as travelers who still need to hear announcements from a P.A. speaker.

The Life P3 also brings multiple added features for the convenience of daily life including six microphones for crystal-clear calls; gaming mode which emphasizes sound effects in games; sleeping mode which plays white noise to help users block out sound to help them fall asleep, tip fit mode to ensure a proper fit and finally, a new “Find Your Earbuds” mode which emits a high-pitched noise, making them easier to find.


Soundcore announces new ANC TWS headphones the Life P3

Here are the Soundcore Life P3’s key features:

  • 11mm drivers for accurate sound and clarity at all frequencies.
  • Multi-mode ANC with Transport, Indoor and Outdoor settings for customizable usage levels
  • Two transparency modes enhance the environment including voices without removing earbuds.
  • 7-hour battery in earbuds with ANC off / 6-hour battery with ANC on (at 60% volume)
  • Wireless charging compatible case with 30-hour battery (with ANC on) and 35-hour battery (with ANC off) as well as USB-C charging.
  • Anker Fast Charging technology – 10 minutes charging earbuds = 2 hours of playtime
  • Premium call quality using 6-mic uplink noise reduction helps optimize voices and minimize background noise.
  • Customizable user touch controls to set preferences for play/pause, track advance, volume, etc.
  • Voice-assistant compatibility with Siri ® at launch and other popular voice-assistants in the future.
  • Five sets of silicone ear tips, ranging from XS to XL to ensure a proper fit.
  • Bluetooth version – 5.0
  • Waterproof rating – IPX5
  • Available in Five Colors: Black, Navy Blue, Oat White, Sky Blue and Coral Red
  • Earbud size // Case size – 1.49” x 0.85” x 0.94” // 2.4” x 2.08” x 1.22”
  • Earbud weight / Case weight – 0.17 oz // 1.76 oz