Social Networking Through Gaming

Social networks are invading the internet and becoming more and more popular every day. One of the reasons for it is the availability of highly addictive games that can be played over the social networks.

Today, Zynga is one of the largest creators of social networking games and one of their most popular games is Mafia Wars. Mafia Wars is a game that has gained a lot of popularity within a short period of time. Players can buy and sell Mafia Wars properties, travel to different places and build your own criminal empire. It is a very interesting and exciting game which includes gaining power, energy, skill and experience as you take part in jobs and fights.

There are set number of tasks that you have to accomplish within your limited power and if you are lucky or persistent enough, you can obtain special equipment that can help you to win future battles.

Through Mafia Wars, you can increase your circle of friends and contact groups.

Since a large mafia team size can help you to achieve your objectives much faster, it pays to have a large number of friends that you can count on. There are also many exciting new editions that constantly occur in the game which keeps even the most experienced player playing.

New items are constantly added to the market that can be obtained either through completing jobs or purchased using rewards points.

One example of a specially obtained weapon is the tactical shotgun. To win this item, you have to perform a low level category job which gives you a random chance to loot the weapon.

If the beginners lay their hands on the tactical shotgun, they will have an easy advantage in winning fights over players of similar level and experience.