Six Reasons to Pursue a Hobby and Four Tips to Maintain Them

If you’re not yet pursuing a hobby, your reason may be one or more of the following:
I don’t have the time to maintain a hobby. I don’t have the money to maintain one. I think people will make fun of my hobby. I don’t know what hobby to have. I think maintaining a hobby is a waste of time money and energy. Hobbies are for folks who have nothing to do; I’m not one of them. I used to have a hobby but now I’m too busy to maintain it. I’m too old or young to have a hobby.
While your reasoning may be true “to some extent”, it cannot be 100 percent true. These are all just your point of view. We’ve all heard of the example of one person describing a half glass of water as half full and the other, half empty. Similarly, there is always a way to have and maintain a hobby which will take up as few resources as you can afford. But why have a hobby in the first place?
1. Hobbies are a good past time, a way to get away from the mundane boring life that most of us live through.
2. Hobbies have found to have a therapeutic effect by reducing stress.
3. Hobbies keep the mind active and creative, which is a good exercise for the brain. Mental exercise is as important as physical exercise.
4. Research shows that people who are more successful in life (be it in terms of wealth, health, fame or anything else) are ones who also maintain some hobby or the other.
5. There are umpteen instances where folks start doing something as a hobby and end up doing it as a very successful profession or business. It has even driven them to fame in books of world records.
6. Some folks have maintained a hobby of collecting something of no commercial value for years and years and then sold off their collection for huge fortunes.
Now, would you believe that you should have and maintain a hobby? If yes, I’m happy that my article has benefited someone. But before you start one, please keep the following points in mind:
1. You should love maintaining your hobby. If you think you will get bored in a few days or months, there’s no point pursuing it.
2. You should be in a condition to afford it. While some hobbies can be really expensive (like collecting paintings or other artistic work of one or more artists like Van Gogh), you can have a hobby which starts with almost zero investment (like maybe collecting used stamps); so know your budget before you start one.
3. Be prepared to give whatever time is required in maintaining your hobby. While some hobbies can seem almost like a full time job (like gardening on a 2 acre plot), some hobbies take only a few hours every month. Some hobbies only require being alert, for example, collecting out of print books of a particular author whenever you come across old book shops. So consider the time you can afford to devote before starting a hobby.
4. Do you have the physical energy to maintain your favorite hobby? Hobbies like gardening, dancing, etc require you to have sufficient energy, which you may find a little difficult to maintain as you grow older. Additionally, crushing workloads hardly leave any energy with us, these days. Don’t let this deter you; ensure that you give some time to it, however less it may seem.
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