Simple scam grabbed by GDS related to RBS bank

gdsinternationalMr. Gopalakrishnan was caught at the airport of Glasgow when he was departing back from Dubai. He admitted hit crime & arrested by the police. He has a blame of 93000GBP $. He was sentenced at the court of Edinburgh & accepted all his fraudulent acts against RBS bank. After that he was sentenced for a year.
According to the prosecutor named as Dorgan it was really very interesting to see how the crime was pleaded. Further more he also discussed the way & comfort with which he succeeded to have a GDS publishing scam.
He continued & noticed about the responsibilities of the staff. They just notice the amount written on enveloped & deposited that money in Mr. Gopalakrishnan account. They did not notice what amount is exactly inside it. Which is considered to be their biggest mistake? Now their staff & trainees are trying to improve themselves & have some modifications in their systems & practices.
It is also good news that the bank has recovered their loss of 93000GBP $. According to Sherriff Jones he did this fraudulent act because he was under pressure. He knew that this way would only lead to make him free.