Silent Call Communications has a New Alerting Device that helps Save Lives when it comes to Fire Safety

Silent Call Communications has a New Alerting Device that helps Save Lives when it comes to Fire Safety

Smoke Detector

(PRWEB) November 25, 2011

Silent Call Communications knows that with every life lost to a fire is one too many. The new Signature Series Sidekick II receiver along with a Bed Shaker will wake the heaviest sleeper, a person who is deaf or hard of hearing. Seconds count when it comes to fire safety and this alerting device system can help save lives.The Signature Series Sidekick II is not only a clock and alarm clock, but it is also a receiver that can be connected with smoke detectors and a Bed Shaker. This means that when the alarm goes off, so does the Bed Shaker to alert the person sleeping. This receiver can also work in conjunction with various transmitters, to include a doorbell, weather alert system, sound monitor, and a telephone. The Bed Shaker is set with predetermined output vibrations for each transmitter type. The Signature Series Sidekick II is the only of its kind with built in Supervision, that when connected to Signature Series Smoke Detectors in the home, will alert a person if the battery is low or if something is wrong and the receiver did not receive a signal. This system can also be great for children who do not wake up easily.

In a study that was performed to test the effectiveness of audible, visual and vibratory alerting alarm systems on people of all hearing abilities, bed shakers came out on top. Awakening effectiveness for the continuous bed shaker was 93% for deaf, 82% for hard of hearing, and 92% for hearing able subjects. The intermittent bed shaker provisioned 100% effectiveness for all study participants regardless of hearing ability. (Du Bois, J., Ashley, E., Klassen, M., & Roby, R. (2005). Waking Effectiveness of Audible, Visual and Vibratory Emergency Alarms on People of all Hearing Abilities. Presented at the Accessible Emergency Notification and Communication: State of the Science Conference, Washington D.C.: Gallaudet University)

According to recent studies, children under 5 years of age are at the greatest risk from home fire death and injury; their death rate is nearly twice the national average. Each year, nearly 488 children ages 14 and under die in home fires, and another 116,600 children are injured from a fire/burn related incident. (Karter, MJ. Fire loss in the United States during 2009 Quincy, MA: National Fire Protection Association, Fire Analysis and Research Division. 2010.) Many Children are heavy sleepers and do not hear a fire alarm going off. However, Silent Call has products available to assist in waking up and alerting those who are heavy sleepers, people who are hard of hearing or deaf.

Silent Call Communications is a Waterford, Michigan based company that provides tactile and alerting devices to organizations, companies and individuals alike. Since 1985, the Silent Call Communications Corporation has taken a simple philosophy of personal communications by means of electronic devices and developed an exciting product line. These products have revolutionized the means by which people who are seniors, hard of hearing, deaf or deaf/blind may lead more convenient, safe lives. For more information about Silent Call Communications and products, please visit or call (800) 572-5227 (Voice or TTY).

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