Sharepoint Solutions

SharePoint is an interesting name, for an interesting product and also a very useful name since this technology does exactly what it says on the tin, it allows you to share a point. There are various means through which you can do this.

Websites and intranets can be created and hosted in one place, allowing internal communication within a business and also communication with customers and the outside World. As these are managed in the same place and have the same infrastructure it becomes easy for the people within a business to make changes and updates to different platforms without requiring extensive training or running the risk of mistakes being made.

A major waste of business resource is the doubling up of work where people in different teams are working from the same data and are carrying out the same research and analysis albeit for different purposes. The Insights feature of SharePoint means that everyone in the business can access the same information, so analysis carried out by one team can be used by multiple teams freeing up time for people to contribute to the business in other ways.

The saying that two heads are better than one is generally true, teams can work better to generate ideas and find solutions. The problem is when people do not work in close proximity to each other, or worse work in different time zones. The Communities feature of SharePoint allows people to share ideas and discuss issues in order to get a more complete view and perspective of what they are working on. Different tools can be used to facilitate this team engagement, depending on the style of work and the subject matter.

Content is a major output of every business, whether it is a book, a magazine article or an invoice. At some point someone will need to find a piece of content created by somebody else and it is not always saved in the most seemingly logical place. SharePoint’s Content feature makes content management, storage and compliance straightforward for everyone in a business. Businesses can ensure that they are fully compliant with data storage and protection regulations, that there is a clear content filing system and that the right people can access the right content, but not all content.

Search engines are a part of everybody’s life. I imagine there are very few people in the World who do not use a search engine at least seven times a week, if not seven times a day! The ability to search through huge volumes of data and find what you are looking for is something that people now take for granted. Yet finding information within a corporate network or even on a standalone computer can be a nightmare. SharePoint’s Search functionality allows people to search within self specified parameters for any information stored on the system quickly and easily.

Similar, information sharing technologies include Source Intranet Software, Vialect Noodle and Claromentis Intranet Manager.