Search Engine Ranking Secret – Buy an Aged Domain

Here is one more of the most underused high search engine ranking optimization techniques and it happens to also be one of the most crucial things that you can do for your SEO when starting an online business.

Search Engine Ranking Secret: Buy An Aged Domain

Authority of a site, according to the Google algorithm is determined by two main factors: The number and quality of links pointing to it and the age of the site, in terms of the period of time that the site has contained indexable content seen by the search engines. Webmasters have no control over this factor. The only way to affect this is by buying old websites.

Yes, your high search engine ranking DOES depend on how long your site has been around.

And when you are competing with websites that are 2-3 years old (or much longer in some markets!), what are you to do?

You got it: buy an aged domain.

So here is how it works: there are many places you can buy an aged domain. Places like eBay, Sitepoint, Digitalpoint have aged domain auctions on a regular basis. Many times those domains come with the website, PR ranks, and links – icing on the cake.

The most important thing to remember when shopping for the right aged domain is that transferring a domain to a different registrar can cause it to loose its age, which of course will not help your search engine ranking whatsoever! – so KEEP it with the SAME REGISTRAR.

Once you find an aged domain that you feel serve best your search engine ranking needs, you buy it from the vendor and have the owner transfer it IN THE SAME REGISTRAR.

Once again, this is extremely IMPORTANT for your search engine ranking optimization:

the domain HAS TO stay with the SAME REGISTRAR to retain its age!

Can this trick work for improving search engine ranking for an existing business/website?
Absolutely – with a “301 redirect”.

If you are not familiar with the term, here is a quick explanation.

301 redirect basically means that you will point your new domain to your old one and it will become a permanent change.

Since 301 redirect is a PERMANENT change, it WILL transfer all its attributes, like PR, age, links, etc. to your old domain and thus your website.

So, what does it mean to your business?

LISTEN TO THIS: with that in mind, you can find one domain with age and use it as you main site; then, find one with high PR and maybe even links and 301 redirect it to your money site…


All of a sudden, you site that nobody heard of now has age and PR and links… Imagine what that will do to your search engine ranking optimization?

Possibilities are endless.

A word of caution though: DON’T OVERDO IT. There is such a thing as search engine ranking OVERoptimization. 2-3 redirects is plenty enough. Also, don’t expect your redirected PR to show up “in a couple of weeks”. It may take months, so be patient.

Search engine ranking… Sounds like a tricky thing, but not after what I’ve just shared with you, huh?:)