Sales & Marketing Metrics Scorecards Improve Performance

Improve Performance

 When a company is doing well it often overlooks or misses mistakes that can adversely affect the profits of the company. Today’s economy is very unstable. The stock market is fluctuating up and down erratically and the housing market has been on a down hill run for several years.
Is the country currently in a recession? If not is the recession just around the corner? No one knows for sure, but there seems to be some very strong indicators that things are going to get worse before they get better.
How are companies supposed to position themselves to survive and prosper in the months and years ahead? One approach is called the Balanced Scorecard. This business model was developed in the early 90’s by Dr. Robert Kaplan of the Harvard Business School. In more recent years Dr. David Norton has improved on this model so as to address the issues facing companies in today’s economy. This improved model is being utilized by the CxO Group and is referred to as the Sales Scorecard (http://www. Sales The Sales Scorecard creates an interaction with and links between the various elements of the sales management team. These links are often referred to as the five pillars and include sales, marketing, sales strategy, operations development and partners or alliances.
The use of the Sales Scorecard involves identifying tactical measures for sales and service personnel. The scorecard is an interactive process that management uses to proactively control various elements of the pillars. This model drives sales and improves the profitability and cash flow of the company. The process allows the company to act instead of reacting to circumstances. The model will monitor the sales process and rapidly identify and correct problems before they become an issue. 
Companies often ask where the greatest improvement can be achieved. We are of the opinion that the sales and service processes are the primary areas in which these improvements can be realized.
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