Roberto Cavalli Fashion and Art Redefined

Most of us would have heard about Roberto Cavalli fashion from magazines, television, personalities and other media. However, we know nothing about the milestones that marked his successful career.


Born on November 15, 1940 in Italy, Roberto Cavalli came from a family with strong artistic talents. His family values tradition. His mother was a tailor while his grandfather was an impressionist painter.


Roberto Cavalli started his career when he was still a student wherein he and his friend made experiments and designs. The art of printing on lightweight leather was his revolutionary work of art. His printing shop looks somewhat between a craftsman’s shop and art studio. His inspiration was researches on detailed fabric and continuous experimentation on various technologies.


Later on, Roberto Cavalli patented the process and art of leather printing. Over a century, he developed a creation known as “patchwork” or “patch quilt” which can be described as pieces of leather sewn together. The year 1970 marked an important milestone in his career for which he was recognized internationally.


Cavalli showcased his first collection in 1972 in Florence at the White Room of Palazzo Pitti which turned out to be a scandal. His models wore denim patchwork in the catwalk which was disregarded at that time by the elites. However, he refused to stick to the conventional. He wanted to have his own interpretation of fashion and wanted to pursue his innovation.


In 1990, Cavalli together with his wife Eva Duringer, re-launched his fashion in the catwalk at the Milano Collezioni. Through the years, he established various collections under his signature brand which include Womenswear, Menswear, Just Cavalli, Class, Freedom, Eyewear, Timewear, Angels and Homewear.


Cavalli had been known for his eclectic ability. He sets himself apart with his vivaciousness and proverbial hospitality. His career had been brilliant and he is known for his spectacular parties. He is a mainstay of international fashion. According to him, it took him 35 years to finally capture the formula and he is finally happy. Every piece of Roberto Cavalli fashion is a carefully-constructed masterpiece.