Remove and replace laptop keyboard

The direction below will help teach you how to remove laptop keyboard and replace it. This article doesn’t cover all models, but you may geta rough meaning, the disassembling steps are proper for most laptops.


If your laptop is still within the promised warrant period, then please don’t take your laptop apart, other wise, you may lose the promise of quality warrant.

Before you open your laptop, please first remove the laptop battery and pull off ac adapter for laptop.

If you break the keyboard faucet on the motherboard by accident, then you’d have to replace the entire motherboard.

You should take the responsibility of the result.

This is HP/Compaq NC6120 laptop, and this method is also proper for other model laptops.

The indicator cover and the hinge cover are in one piece and is screw-less in this laptop.

Many others laptops the hinges cover are separate from the indicator cover.

There are common also that screws are found underneath the indicator cover or behind the hinge covers.

In this case, there’s no need to remove the baffle of the keyboard, however, for many other models, you have to follow the next steps:insert a little screwdriver under the keyboard baffle, lift it carefully and then put plastic clip into it, and then move the laptop replacement keyboard baffles with your fingers; be careful, as some model baffles might be connected to motherboard with cable. If you just pull out the cable incautiously, then you have to plug it back again, to remove the keyboard, it’s not that necessary to disconnect the keyboard baffle from motherboard. You’d just need to release the baffle and then you could see the screws used to fasten the keyboard

Remove screws and latches.

Just as the picture 3 shows, you could find the screws used to fasten keyboard from the back cover of the laptop, 2 in all, and generally,there should be 2 to 4 screws on common laptops. And beside the screw fastening hp laptop keyboard,there marks some sign; under certain circumstance, Hinge cover has screws to frap keyboard. However, this tutorial doesn’t involve relevant case, hope you could notice that.

Push latches downward.

As picture 4 shows below, you could find some latches on the laptop keyboard, total 4 latches, beside the key F1, F4, F8 and F12, use alittle flat screwdriver to slide down gently.

And as picture 5 shows below, lift the keyboard from the motherboard, once the HP/Compaq NC6120 Keyboard is moved and the flat connection cable between the keyboard and motherboard exposes. And before you pull the flat connection cable out of interface, first unlock the connection cable-lock.

As picture 6 shows below, it illustrates how to unlock the keyboard cable-lock, and move it 1-2mm cautiously.


lift up the cable-lock on both ends by not more than 1mm.
Over lifting would break the clips that function to position the cable in place.

As picture 7 shows below, now it’s the time for the HP NC6120 Keyboardto get off from laptop, and then pull the connection cable out of it. And when install the keyboard, follow the steps above just by the opposite sequence.