Protective Neoprene Laptop Bags for Those On the Move

Protect a wide variety of on-the-go computer devices with one of the stylish, ultra-light and resilient neoprene laptop bags.

Made to accept mini-books, notebooks and laptops with screen sizes at 10 to 17-inch in diameter, a neoprene constructed laptop case offers a water-resistant, hard-wearing material to protect and cushion mobile PCs against light-knocks, scratches, dust or bumps to its case or screen. Computer cases often come with a universal design to accept most mobile devices at a certain size to those made to accept a particular make and model of PC or Apple laptop.

To ensure a style is available for all, these sleeves come in multiple color schemes – from the more traditional dark colors for business related matters to cases in more cool or stylish designs, such as those in vibrant color schemes, multi-colored dots, stripes or patterns.

Some of the common features to the versatile laptop sleeves include built-in storage pockets to accept multiple accessories, such as a mouse, discs, power pack, cables, external drives, or similar such equipment, a stain-resistant material, a shoulder strap (often removable) for ease in carrying, and a secure zippered closure to secure the device and provides easy access.

Whether it is a simple, lightweight laptop sleeve to offer an extra degree of protection to a notebook on its own or slipped inside a backpack, messenger bag or briefcase or a more rigid neoprene case, with dependable carry handle/shoulder strap, these versatile totes offer the ideal choice to transport on-the-go electronic devices with complete comfort and ease.